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Kaysons Education, Moradabad

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Established in 2009, Kaysons Education started with an objective to provide detailed, comprehensive guidance to students aspiring for different competitive examinations across India. With the use of cutting edge technology, expert guidance and online support, our aim has been to guide students all over India, while reaching out students in the remote corners of the country. With cost effective and affordable packages, we provide a chance to all students to showcase their abilities. With a panel of eminent IIT alumni on board, we assure students of quality study materials, specialized guidance and 24/7 online support.
Our flagship 'IIT JEE Online Preparation Course Modules' has been growing rapidly and thousands of students across India take its advantage every year. We even have reach in the remote areas so that they have a chance to show their abilities without being overburdened with expensive alternatives and lack of proper guidance. Educational requirements of the students will be met by quality guidance by IITians. 
Ours unique strategy for IIT, JEE and AIEEE preparations works seamlessly and simultaneously on three levels. 
* Educational DVDs: Education DVDs are provided with contents containing the complete syllabus explained with the help of real-life animations explaining the theory as well as numerical.
* Reference Books: Quick reference books and a guide through which the teacher is explaining in the videos.
* Online Support: For student’s problems, assignment, test, progress report and rank prediction.
Unique Feature of Kaysons Education 
Interactive: Video Lectures simulate a classroom atmosphere, with all essential features, enquires, checks, self efforts, past JEE paper tends, Suitable illustration, Solved Example. 
Animation Based Explanations: 2D and 3D animation are shown to explain the concepts with greater details and make it clearer. 
Day-Wise Growth: To develop the student's capabilities gradually with advancing stage. Starting with a basic concept and advancing towards IIT Standards. 

Self-Sufficient: Video lectures are in reference with the book provided along with it. 

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