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We are a group of parents and teachers who work hard to give our children the best of everything, quality education is always at the top of the list. We have one more thing in common - We spend a lot of time assessing our children's understanding of concepts and helping them prepare for exams. While we do this demanding task, we end up using education sites to download question papers and practice material for our kids, only to find that all these online educational platforms are like an ice cream shop with a single flavor. Too much of scattered study material but nothing relevant. It takes hours to get relevant material and more importantly, there is no way to customize it specifically to our child's needs. We all are well acquainted with the serious competitiveness of our education system. The mere understanding and passing average is not enough, everyone wants a champion. But champions are not born they are made - the key is a lot of dedication and practice

Letspractise.com is an under the wraps startup focused on parents wanting to quickly assess their kid's understanding of the school curriculum and apply targeted practice material based on learning gaps. Letspractise.com aims at providing quality practice material that is designed as per the needs of children and parents. We all know that children needs to be thoroughly prepared for their exams and for that they need a lot of practice and revision so we are working hard constantly to develop our question bank and provide you question papers for practice so that with letspractise.com you can quickly assess your child’s understanding of the concepts.

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