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Raudra Eduservices Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad

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Ravindra is the most recognised technical trainer in the area of computer science in India. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
He has been training students in various technical topics and core computer science subjects since 2008. He is proud to say that almost half of the students now doing Masters at IISc and IITs in computer science have been trained by him in atleast one subject. He himself achieved a percentile of 99.64 in GATE 2007, and since then he guided thousands of students towards cracking the nation level entrance test, GATE.
After doing Masters from IISc, Ravindra went on to work for Cisco Systems as a senior software engineer. He later left Cisco Systems for the passion he has for teaching. His core value is to change lives of millions using technology. He strongly believes that the industrial age idea "Go to school and get a job" is highly irrelevant and absurd in this information age.
Currently he devoted his time educating and inspiring students of all abilities, ages and backgrounds to become entrepreneurs. His research areas include cloud computing and intelligent systems. He conducts trainings and workshops for employees of various software companies and for the students of various colleges on the cutting edge technologies and latest developments in the area of cloud computing. According to him, anyone could learn the basics of computer science and could use cloud computing to startup their own companies. His trainings have been proven to be useful even for getting into top league companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc.

Ravindra combines his years of wisdom, wit and creativity to his passion to help others.

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