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CA Final Advanced Management Accounting Online Classes by CA Anuj Jalota (Download)

CA Final Advanced Management Accounting Online Classes by CA Anuj Jalota (Download)

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Costing as unlike any subject in CA-Final is a subject without many concepts. Relate problems to day to day situation and they will become simple. Over recent years, ICAI has started the trend of asking more number of problems in examinations with each problem being allocated fewer marks. This makes our job rather tougher as our thinking has to be very fast.

Marginal costing & Standard costing occupy a major chunk of this syllabus and almost all the chapters get included under these headings. This is one of the subjects that I have taught for the past 18 years and can still say there is so much to learn. New concepts keep arriving and it is very interesting to learn these new concepts especially as they relate to the manufacturing sector as the growth of any country is determined by its manufacturing sector. Japanese and German concepts of manufacturing like TQM, JIT, Target costing, ABC, Value chain analysis, ERP etc are being implemented by Multinationals across the world. Unfortunate that Costing in India still is at a very early stage and it might take many years before these techniques get implemented like they are in developed countries.

In our country due to cost-effective labour and materials, cost of production is less but there is a need to improve the quality, standardize the cost reporting methods, evolve need-based products and procedures of manufacturing the products. Efforts of ICWA should be respected. In recent years, many steps have been taken to bring our Costing methods at par with world standards.

As a good learner of the subject, I feel that it is my job to keep you updated with new concepts and put problems which really challenge your minds. As a practice, I dont accept answers of ICAI or any book just blindly. Research is done and the best answers are thought of for days and days together to bring the best to you.

This courseware consists of problems which are picked up from ICAI modules, compilation, CIMA exams, ICWA modules, M.Com exams and some have been made me to bring out concepts clearly. I hope you will find Costing an interesting subject to learn especially when entire costing will be done without a single formula. Costing is a subject that will require many assumptions to solve. As a rule "Assumptions should be made when the problem is not clear, not when Student is not clear".

This workbook has been intelligently designed so as to start and end most of the questions on the same page so that the student does not have to turn pages. Problems are done in the same order as they are printed. Moreover, many things have already been printed in the book (like comments, graphs and charts are partly made) and space has been provided in form of box to write anything else that the student considers important. An effort has been made by me to solve as many problems as possible in the class. You will notice as in exams, content & presentation are very important, the same way for me, my book should be very good in content & presentation. I believe that the above factors are the reflection of the knowledge and skill of the faculty.

As a student, I always believed that time management is very important in exams and in our daily life. This philosophy is being shown where many things as said above are done so as to timely complete your portion with a maximum number of problems.

"A student makes his own destiny and no matter how much a faculty does, it is only students efforts that give fruit."

Although I have sincerely tried to put all the types of problems that I think are relevant for ICAI exams, students are advised to practice problems from the module of ICAI (especially Marginal Costing) and compilation of past papers. The theory forms part of this book although I still insist that students read ICAI modules to know the theory in depth. Due importance should also be given to O.R. which also forms part of this book.

Topics covered in the book :
1 Marginal Costing & Absorption Costing.
2 CVP Analysis/Decision Making/Relevant Costing.
3 Theory of Constraints.
4 Internal Pricing.
5 External Pricing.
6 Learning Curve.
7 Standard Costing.
8 Activity Based Costing & Target Costing.
9 Budgetary Control.
10 Costing of Service Sector.
11 Just in Time & TQM.
12 Notes Section of Costing.
13 Assignment (GET PENCIL, SCALE & ERASER)
14 Transportation (GET PENCIL, SCALE & ERASER)
16 Simulation.
18 Sensitivity Analysis.
19 Marginal Costing & Decision Making.
20 External and Internal Pricing.
21 Learning curve theory.
22 Standard Costing.
23 Budgetary Control.
24 Costing of service sector.
25 Developments in business environment (MOST IMPOTRTANT FOR THEORY) - JIT, ABC, Pareto Analysis, Back Flush Costing.
26 Uniform & Inter - firm comparison.
27 Discounting Factor.

Package Includes :
1. ONE Practical Book.
2. Google Drive Link (133 GB).

NOTE : Courier is done with the help of courier agencies. It usually takes 2 days for us to give the package to the courier agency and further time to deliver the package to the students depends on location. AJ NeXt does not guarantee the time duration when the courier will reach the students. It can provide the tracking id within 3 days of the order.
Due to COVID, all couriers are getting delayed. This situation is uncontrollable for anyone. Students are requested to be patient in such kinds of situations.

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