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Students of class 11 commerce can avail books, online classes and study material on BuyTestSeries. CBSE class 11 commerce students have an option to choose subjects from electives and have to study some compulsory subjects. Elective subjects include Languages, Elective subjects and Skills electives, while compulsory subjects include General Studies & Health and Physical Education. CBSE class 11 commerce books for elective and compulsory subjects are available on BuyTestSeries.
Language electives consists of Hindi, English and more than 30 other indigenous languages of India. This enables students from various state boards to study further their mother language and also develops proficiency. Subjects under Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Entrepreneurship, Informatics Practices, Accountancy, Business Studies etc all constitute academic elective subjects. For skill electives students can learn latest and upcoming technology like Artificial Intelligence, Finance, Business and Retail etc. CBSE class 11 commerce books for all these elective and skill electives are a great way to learn and study these subjects.
Health and Physical education which focuses on overall health management and lifestyle choices. Class 11 commerce books for compulsory subjects like General Studies and Physical education is available in printed and eBook format. Oswaal books provides question banks as class 11 commerce books. Oswaal CBSE class 11 commerce books are curriculum based and are released with refreshing changes every new academic year. Class 11 commerce study material and notes are provided by various faculties of India in printed format and is made available through BuyTestSeries. BuyTestSeries helps students to prepare for Class 11 commerce through Online classes as well. These online classes cover all topics and chapters given in the syllabus. As online classes helps students to study at their own pace, it is very useful for class 11 commerce students.


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